Project: Bandirma Park Competition

Location: Bandirma /BALIKESİR

Client: Balikesir Metropolitan Municipality

Year: 2016-2017

Status: Published

Team: Enise Burcu Derinbogaz, Alper Derinbogaz, Maya Turkmen Numan, Nadine Schütz, Kubra Elif Karaoglu, Thibault Jalby, Gamze Varol, Şevki Topçu

Fourth Nature emerges spontaneously as an urban green space on urban voids, reconquering terrain vague.

This interperation of Bandirma Park is important not only for the military abandonment but also the expected future growth of Bandirma. Because the plans for harbour removal will cause a massive land to be transformed.

Reading the Site as a Strategy to Build: We set out the following question to develop an architectural occupation strategy: Is it possible to develop an evolving dialog between the historical heritage and the contemporary? In order to answer that we propose to develop a reading of the fragments. One of the condition we can read is its progressive decay. Currently the military structures are in progress of being reconquered by nature. We propose to reinforce this emergence rather than interrupt it.

The Edge: We propose the Design Institute, the center of the program, to intensify the relationship between the contemporary and the historic. In order to engage the institute we propose “Intensification” and “Extensification” as the main strategies. The main hall, auditorium block, workshops and the fabrication atelier are directly tied to these open air activities in order to extend and diversify the internal uses. The façade is composed of a selective organization of the classical space frame structure.

Ponds: We propose to evoke these recreational functions by developing a dialogue between the past and present.

Trees: The building is organized in fragments in order to avoid destroying the existing vegetation.

Landscape Design Approach: The way architecture and landscape blend into each other as a Fourth Nature is the essence of this undomesticated cultural landscape. Also the site has a very unique climatic and ecological characteristics. The environmental challenges such as the strong presence of the wind and noise are parts of this and reinforce the site’s being. In order to embrace it we propose an environmental experience path.