Project: Golden Horn Waterfron Design Competition

Location: Istanbul

Client: Istanbul Metropolitan Municaipality

Year: 2020

Team: Enise Burcu Derinboğaz, Alper Derinboğaz, Oğuz Kemal Başar, Ece Yakupoğlu, Ekin Cem Tümbek, İzel Beşikci, Doç. Dr. Oral Yağcı, Ekrem Işın

Birds, fish, People: Micro Interventions for the Golden Horn

Biota is a concept of biology that defines the whole plant and animal life in a particular region or environment. The Golden Horn's urbanization history, cultural and social structure, transformation, ecological existence, and weathered value are addressed within the scope of the project; Biota has been used as a concept that meets with contemporary approaches of urban design, architecture, and landscape architecture. The project proposal offers a series of micro-scale strategies aiming to create common living spaces that will strengthen the ecological existence of the Golden Horn.