Project: Kastamonu Community Garden

Status: Under Construction

Location: Kastamonu

Client: Housing Development Administration of Turkey, EMAY International Engineering and Consultancy

Year: 2019-2020


Enise Burcu Derinboğaz, İzel Beşikci, Nergis Aşar, Işınsu Sopaoğlu


Alper Derinboğaz, Egemen Onur Kaya, Bahadır Kantarcı, Burak Yılmaz, Han Seki

Concept Design, Design Development, Construction Documents

During the preliminary design process of Kastamonu Millet Bahcesi, potentials and the change the field went through in the process were determinants. While the conditions of the project area shape the spatial decisions, it turns into a space with continuity by following daily human experiences and the urban texture. In this continuity, the project unites different elevations, functions and characters.

The project land has been subjected to different interventions in different periods and these divided the field into distinct characters. The proposal project, rather than spoiling the characters, consideres the process itself is an urban story of Kastamonu and adds new combiner interfaces on top of that. It connects ecological improvement strategies and recreation areas.

The garden will be the new city actor that preserves cultural traces and passes it on to future generations, at the same time, ıt will come to the fore as an example of ecological renewal, environmental awareness and contemporary landscape arcghitecture.