Project: Quatertower

Location: Ausburg, Germany

Year: 2018

Team: Enise Burcu Derinboğaz, Öykü Arda, Salon Architects, Dietmar Koering

Residential Landscape Project

The Quatertower project area is located in the historic part of the Kammgarnmuhle and in the main street of Nagahama Avenue, which is a strong link to the city center. The unifying Provinostraße runs like an axis through the entire city, but is interrupted by the Nagahama Avenue. A crossing would be desirable, but is not currently the goal of the competition. Rather, the new Quatertower should fit carefully into the historical field of worsted spiders, but with a clear identity. The area surrounding the Quatertower features a daycare center, local supply markets, museums, pharmacies, a bakery, a Waldorf school and a mosque. This urban structure is captured by the Quatertower and forms a new identity for the quarter of the worsted spinning mill.

The concept for the Quatertower is to develop a new location for contemporary living. Therefore, living for small families, young couples, but especially for older people has top priority. Due to the favorable location it can be assumed that many inhabitants are commuters. Consequently, there is an underground car park, but also enough bicycle parking. The design is based on a clear grid that allows a free floor plan selection. If necessary, the living space can also be used again in the near future.

Energy rough concept

The compact design of the Quatertower achieves high energy efficiency Passive house standard is possible. The two-hour shadow does not shade the surrounding buildings.