• Happy New Year!

    January 2019

    Praxis wishes you a colorful, creative and happy new year.

  • Village Rural Design Guide is published

    October 2018

    The Design Guide for Silivri that we have been working more than a year has been published.

  • Lecture in Istanbul Technical University

    October 2018

    Thresholds of Landscape is a speculative chronology that proposes a nonlinear timeline for the term landscape. The chronology and its summary was presented within the Landscape Urbanism course.

  • Landscape As Architecture in MEF University

    September 2018

    This semester Enise Burcu Derinbogaz will be teaching at MEF University. The various topics of landscape history and theory will be discussed with architecture students during the semester.

  • S House construction starts

    September 2018

    The garden of S House in Çeşme, İzmir has started.

  • ECLAS conference

    July 2018

    Park Nebula was presented in ECLAS Conference in Ghent during the session that was titled as Theory and Practice.

  • Lecture in Bilgi University

    May 2018

    A lecture about how do we approach to the site before and after building. Narrative driven ecology method of Praxis Landscape is presented in Bilgi University.

  • Biophilic Design Conference

    May 2018

    Biophilic Design Conference Series presented by Silkar Akdo has hosted Enise Burcu Derinbogaz as a guest speaker. During the lecture the design practice based on natural systems was discused.

  • Lecture on Landscape History

    February 2018

    Foundation of Cultural Development based in Istanbul invited Enise Burcu Derinboğaz for a lecture. The topic was the Landscape Concept From Past to Present: Case of Istanbul

  • Museum square construction has started

    February 2018

    The construction of the square as a part of the landscape project of Istanbul Museum has started. In addition to the square, a 10.000 m2 terrace and 1.000 m2 courtyard will be finished by the end of the next year.

  • Park Nebula won the equivalent prize

    January 2018

    Praxis Landscape won the equivalent prize in Luleburgaz River Park Competition. A park dedicated to minimising the industrial pollution, trusting deeply in inovation.

  • Lecture in Duzce University

    December 2017

    Enise Burcu Derinboğaz gave a lecture in Duzce University Faculty of Forestry. The lecture was titled 'Encountrings in Landscape Practice'

  • Young Landscape Architect Award

    June 2017

    Enise Burcu Derinboğaz has won the Young Landscape Architect Award by UCTEA Chamber of Landscape Architects.

  • Organic Node Workshop

    June 2017

    We had a 'Landscape Discovery' workshop with high school students in Istanbul Technical University. Talked about landscape and nature, discussed their differences, collected organic materials.

  • Museum of Istanbul Construction

    April 2017

    Museum of Istanbul project construction has begun.